Repeaters / Nets

KARS provides and maintains the following repeaters using the Club call KB5TX:

  • VHF: 146.64(-)  pl tone of 88.5
  • VHF: 145.19(-)  pl tone of 88.5 

Doug Becker, W5VEO, also maintains two UHF repeaters for our use:

  • UHF: 444.900(+) pl tone of 123.  Temporarily off the air.
  • UHF: 444.750(+) pl tone of 162.2

KARS plans to recommence a weekly practice net on 146.64(-) 88.5. The purpose of the practice net is to provide training for radio operators and to be able to have hams who can efficiently run a net in times of emergency.  A new time and day will be published here when determined.

As a result of months of effort by Ken Nichols and Rodney Vorndam, the use of Kendall County towers by KARS repeaters is now formally approved by the County Commissioners Court and the County Judge.

The County wishes to consolidate communications at one location.  They plan to move the Sherriff’s repeater from Tower Road to the EMS site on Jennifer Road where our .64 machine is presently located.  We don’t have an exact date for their move, but have been told sometime in Q1/2018.  At that point, we will need to move the .64 machine.

In exchange, the County has offered the old Sherriff’'s site on Tower Road to KARS to use, backup generator, tower and all.  We have surveyed the building and know what is needed.  The requirements and costs were discussed with the Membership and approved at our 2 November meeting.

From Marsh WA5UBO.  Progress on the Rebuild of the repeater building.  Currently I have the sub -floor & floor repaired on both sides of the building which was all rotted out.  Have replaced bottom sill plates on same walls. Installed several new studs on both walls and repaired a few others that had some small amount of rot.  Added blocking to a couple of the walls for added strength so we can attach brackets, cable ladder and what ever else needs attached.  The surface rust on the roof was cleaned up and the panels etched.  Thanks to Stephen Schwarz for his help that day with this job & also helping me get the steel door frame out so I could finish the floor repair.  The best help was helping getting the door frame back in once I had replaced the rotted studs that hold it in!  Steve Lazar came another day & helped by wire brushing all the roof seams and pulling nails on the inside. He was just about done on the roof when a wasp bit him above the eye. Poof and he was gone before his eye swelled shut although he did survive the encounter! On the next trip over
a few days later the roof was coated with White Elastomeric roof coating that will totally seal and will reflect a lot of the summer sun and help keep the room cooler in the summer.
The next phase is the repeater committee to meet and make some decisions on the set up of the equipment to be used and its configuration to make sure we have every thing decided & covered before we skin the inside walls. This way we can best utilize for the type and location of lighting or other items. The type of antenna bulkhead / entry panel to installand the A/C unit to use to finish framing for it.  The walls will then get insulation and the plywood sheathing installed and the trim along with the vinyl floor covering.
73’s. Marsh. WA5UBO
With this, we will commence the move as soon as the building is repaired.  This should be an easy move as we will use the cans, coax and antennas still in place at that location.

Experience tells us the communication footprint for the Tower Road location is about the same as from Jennifer Road.  We see no degradation of coverage, in fact coverage could improve to the east and along US Hwy 281.  Look for a "Splat Chart" of estimated coverage to appear here soon.

Steve Lazar W5SCL has a passion for repeaters and repeater networks. Steve has a vision for new things we can do with our systems that are pretty exciting. Steve will be outlining his vision for us to consider over the coming years. I won't drop any hints yet. Just a teaser. His plan will be discussed at a Club meeting soon and then be published here.  de Dave, N7RF   

Stay tuned.  We will report on this subject again when we know more.  To be continued....